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The Fields Family started construction on their future home in June 2018. Melissa Fields has 3 children, Alonzo, Ta'naze, and Ta'nautica, who moved in during February 2019! The Fields family will be living at 487 Creed Street.


The Johnson Family began construction on their future home during June 2018. Beth along with her 2 boys, Brice and Bentley, are beyond excited to have moved in during February 2019! The Johnson family will be living at 434 Worth Street. 

Meet the Johnsons

by Sydni Coalson

A home should feel safe, and that is Beth Johnson’s main concern for her children. Bryce (10) and Bentley (5 months) currently live with their mother in a two-bedroom apartment along with two dogs, a ferret, and a turtle. The floors are in rough shape and the ceiling is almost to the point of falling in. Although Bentley is young, Beth knows that her boys are going to want their own room as they grow up. Her dream is to have a place that her children can invite friends over and allow her to host her own gatherings. She wants a nice house that people can enjoy along with her and her kids. Beth’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her children, but being a single mother is hard work. She has to provide for her family and ensure their safety. Getting this house is going to allow her to feel more at ease in their home. Beth said that she is most excited for being able to know that it is her home and that she owns a house. “We won’t have to worry about the landlord wanting to sell it or having to move. The kids will have it from now own. They can grow up in it and enjoy.” said Beth. “It’s just awesome.”

Building Habitat homes requires a lot of work and support from volunteers and Habitat employees. Homeowners are also required to put in 250 hours of work on their homes and in the Habitat ReStore. She has helped with laying down concrete blocks and putting up walls in Melissa Fields’ Habitat home. Melissa will soon become her neighbor once both of the houses are finished. Beth is excited to begin the work on her own home and has already learned a few tips and tricks about construction. Building a house is quite different from her own job. Beth works at the Mount Airy News. Currently, she is a “catcher” in the mail room. Once the papers come in with all of the inserts inside, she picks them up, straps them, and sends them out of the door. This is just one of the many jobs she has done there. Beth has also worked up front in the office of the news station and has gone out on the paper routes to deliver the paper. She enjoys her job, but nothing beats coming home to her kids. Having a new, safe house will make her time with them even more enjoyable.


Beth’s new home will be a dream come true for her and her family. She is ready for the comfort this house will bring them. It will be clean and safe, truly the ideal place to raise a family. There is a backyard for her kids to play, especially for Bryce who loves to ride his bike. This family has many blessings in store for them, and in the future will have many memories in their new home that they will cherish forever.

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