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At Greater Mount Airy Area Habitat for Humanity, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and compassion. There are many ways you can get involved and make a lasting impact on the lives of families in need of safe, decent, and affordable housing. Whether you are a corporation, an individual, or part of a faith community, there's a place for you to contribute to our mission.


Equal Opportunity Housing

Are you or someone you know dreaming of owning a home? The Greater Mount Airy Area Habitat for Humanity is currently accepting applications for our homeownership program. If you have someone in mind who would be a great candidate for the next Habitat house, we encourage you to share this opportunity with them.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Owning a home is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Yet, for many families in Surry County, this dream can feel out of reach. The Greater Mount Airy Area Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to turning this dream into a reality for qualified families. Through our homeownership program, we provide families with the opportunity to not only own a home but also to build a better future for their children.

Our Habitat families are individuals you encounter in your daily life. They are the dedicated school bus drivers, healthcare assistants, bank employees, grocery store clerks, and truck drivers who work tirelessly to provide for their families. Greater Mount Airy Area Habitat for Humanity offers these hardworking families a hand-up, not a hand-out, toward responsible homeownership.


The Partnership for Home

At Habitat, we believe in building homes and hope through partnership. Families, community volunteers, and Habitat staff work together to construct energy-efficient, quality homes. To qualify for this incredible opportunity, families must meet three basic criteria: need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner.
We do not simply give away houses. Our qualified families actively participate in building their homes by contributing a minimum of 200 hours of sweat equity. They then purchase their houses through a zero-interest mortgage provided by Habitat. Families qualify by demonstrating their need for a Habitat house, their ability to pay for it, and their willingness and capability to fulfill their sweat-equity hours. This includes completing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course.

Do You Qualify?

To determine if you qualify for our homeownership program, ask yourself the following questions:


Do you currently live in substandard, unsafe, overcrowded, or unaffordable housing?

Ability to Pay

Does your income fall between 30% - 60% of the median income for Surry County? Are you capable of making a no-interest monthly mortgage payment, which includes property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, in the range of $450-$500 per month?

Willingness to Partner

Are you willing to commit to completing at least 200 hours of volunteer work with Habitat and participating in homeowner education training?

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future

At Greater Mount Airy Area Habitat for Humanity, we believe in the power of community and partnership. Together, we can turn homeownership dreams into reality. If you or someone you know is interested in owning a Habitat for Humanity home, don't hesitate to reach out, and let's build a brighter future together.

Contact us today to learn more and begin your journey toward homeownership with Habitat for Humanity.

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